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Self Abuse Treatment

Self Abuse

Self abuse is also known by many other names, including, self injury, self harm, deliberate self-harm, self mutilation, para-suicidal behavior and many more. This behavior is defined as the deliberate repetitive, impulsive, non-lethal harming of one's self.

Self abuse can include any of the one or a combination of the following:

  1. Cutting – this is the most common type of self harm. Cutters that are often use can include razors, utility knives, scissors, needles, broken glass, or whatever that is sharp to be able to make repetitive slices on their arms, legs or body parts.
  2. Scratching
  3. Picking scabs or interfering with the healing of wounds
  4. Burning – often done with cigarettes or lighters.
  5. Punching self or objects
  6. Infecting oneself
  7. Inserting objects in body openings
  8. Bruising or breaking bones
  9. Some form of hair pulling
  10. Other various forms of bodily harm

All these behaviors mention above poses serious risks to the person itself, and maybe symptoms of more serious mental health sickness if not promptly treated.

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